Our Network

CDMA, we use Sprint. Please check your area before you sign up, to see which has better coverage. Once you sign up, you will need to port in or get a new number.

We have devices for sale on our store. You can also bring your own device as long as it is either Sprint compatible. 


You can sign up for these plans here.

Can I Port My Number?

Sure! All you need is your old account number and "port out pin". You may also need the name and address on the account. 

Do these plans come with data?

All of our plans come with 50MB for activation purposes only. Data can be disabled immediately after activation, just call 800-756-0240

Is there a contract?

No, our plans are prepaid. You can cancel whenever you would like.

More questions?

Feel free to call us at 800-756-0240 or email sales@beastmobile.net


How do I earn credits?

Open the Beast Mobile Rewards App to earn rewards credit by downloading apps, redeeming coupons and local offers, taking surveys. Each offer on the Beast Mobile rewards app has a value listed next to it. Complete the offer and the value will be automatically adding to your Rewards account.

How do my Rewards credits get applied? How can I use them?

As you earn Beast Mobile Rewards credits, they are added to your Beast Mobile Rewards credit balance. At the start of a new billing cycle, all existing points up to the value of your existing monthly plan, are applied to your next month’s service. Any remaining amount due on your monthly plan is then charged to your credit card. If you have more Rewards credit than your full plan amount, then the remaining amount will be available to apply against your next month’s payment. You can also use existing Beast Mobile Rewards credits to purchase add-ons like additional 4G LTE data or International Calling.

Will my reward credits ever expire?

As long as you maintain an active Beast Mobile subscriber account, any reward credits you have earned but not redeemed will remain in your account until you redeem them. If your Beast Mobile account is suspended (due to non payment) you have 30 days before the account is deactivated. Any Available Rewards Points that are in an account when it is deactivated are lost by the subscriber / account holder.

Do my reward credits have cash value?

Not exactly. While you can directly apply the credits to your cellphone bill - thereby reducing your bill by the dollar amount of the credits applied, you cannot sell, transfer or use your credits in any other way.

What do I have to do to apply my reward credits to my cellphone bill?

You don’t have to do anything. Available Beast Mobile Rewards credits will be automatically applied to your monthly plan at the start of each new billing cycle. You can also use Available Beast Mobile Rewards credits at any time to purchase add on services such as additional 4G LTE data.

What if I don’t like the types of ads I’m seeing?

What if I don’t like the types of ads I’m seeing? Log in to your Beast Mobile account in the Beast Mobile Rewards App. From the home screen select “Interests,” then review and select the categories of ads you wish to see. We’re constantly adding new offers to give you a better experience.

Will Beast Mobile post to my social media account?

No. Not unless you have expressly authorized us to do so.

Where can I view my credit history?

On the “Transactions” page of the Beast Mobile Rewards App or in your Beast Mobile Account. You can login to your Beast Mobile account at www.beastmobile.net

I completed an offer or offers and the credits have not posted to my account?

Email us at support@beastmobile.net and we’ll resolve this for you as soon as we can.