GeekWire: How ’bout this action, boss? Marshawn Lynch will pay phone bill for 500 new Beast Mobile c

Updated: Sep 8

by Kurt Schlosser on November 27, 2018 at 10:49 am

NFL star Marshawn Lynch has built a business around his Beast Mode persona. (Beast Mobile Image)

My cell phone bill is so expensive I don’t even get to look at it. It just gets paid, somehow, at my house. If you don’t have this luxury, maybe Marshawn Lynch could pick up your wireless tab.

The NFL star and onetime Seattle Seahawks running back is the face of Beast Mobile, a service launched a year ago by Kirkland, Wash.-based FreeMo with the intent of undercutting big wireless carriers. Now, Lynch just wants to go Beast Mode on your bill altogether.

In a news release Tuesday, Lynch said he’ll be personally paying the cell phone bill for a full year for 500 new Beast Mobile customers.

Maybe you’re just here so you won’t get fined, but if you actually want free unlimited talk, text and 1 GB of data per month for a year (with the the purchase of a new Beast Mobile phone), check out the offer here.

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